Group Classes

Semi Personal Training Class Schedule:

Tuesday & Thursday

5:30am – 6:15am

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Tuesday & Thursday


Meet others, get active, fit and healthy!

Living healthy simply means being educated about your body. At Studio 4 Fitness in Coral Springs, we feel that the education we provide our clients is worth as much as the training! We offer the most fun and effective group classes in the Coral Springs area. Pick out a workout schedule and stick to it! Don’t let other things become more important than your health. We often hear people say, “I can’t afford a training package.” Our response has always been, “You can’t afford not to!” You can either pay to stay healthy, or pay the doctors, pharmacy, and insurance company later.

We have appointments 7 days a week and offer morning, afternoon, and evening group classes. If you are in Coral Springs and looking for a fitness studio that is warm and inviting, come see us. We believe in working hard, training hard, and getting results through a combination of one-on-one training and group classes.

Are you wondering what a workout at Studio 4 Fitness in Coral Springs can do for you? Challenge yourself to one and find out. he workout will encompass strength, cardio, and agility. Come challenge yourself to a fun new workout! All of the group classes we offer in our Coral Springs gym are high energy, fun, exciting, and innovative. One example of a group class we offer combines several exercises into one amazing class. Take indoor cycling, rowing, running, cross training, core training, strength training, and then mix them in a blender with high energy music, lighting, a fun atmosphere, and an awesome instructor! Our group classes take place in our Coral Springs gym and have proven to be very challenging and effective. Classes will target every muscle in your body. Group classes are full body workouts that are unmatched. Come give it a try! The first class is always free.