“All I can say is wow! Goals without a plan are just dreams. I shared my fitness goals and Dorian laid out the plan. He kept me honest and held me accountable for my diet while I wasn’t in the Fitness Center.”
Garrett K
“S4F has a great variety of group classes including Goozsh, Kettle bells, and DDP Yoga and one-on-one training to get you in the best shape of your life!”
Christina R
“Great variety of workouts, Awesome Trainers that push you to do better for yourself, and Fun Classes”
Donna V
“As one of the country’s leading nutrition, diet, health and fitness experts, I know the value of combining a regular strength training program with daily aerobic exercise and a healthy diet. This is the recipe for achieving optimum health and lifelong weight control. I have been training at Studio 4 Fitness for 10 years and have found the gym and the trainers to be both professional and highly motivating.”
Janet Bond Brill, PhD., R.D.
author of Cholesterol DOWN: 10 simple steps to lower your cholesterol in 4 weeks without prescription drugs
“Rich, Thank you for being such a great inspiration for me and my family. You’ve had such a wonderful effect on my parents and have forced me to get off my lazy butt in the morning when every part of my body hurt. Thank you for all your help!”
Dear Studio 4 Fitness,
We would like to thank you for participating in this year’s after school program. Your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated! The students really enjoyed their time in your club! You have made this program a huge success! Many thanks for your time.
Park Trails After School Club Committee: Patricia Ford, Jackie Moore, Beatriz Alvarez, Adele Nolan, Suzanne Bettinger, Ellen Davis
“Tamara, I want to acknowledge your professionalism. Whether in a session or in your communication by email, you present yourself in a genuine, sophisticated manner. It’s good business. And if a fraction of the so-called professionals that I deal with daily had your skill & delivery, my life would be much less stressful. Therefore, when I come across someone who works well and efficiently, the behavior stands out. Your ongoing efforts are recognized by Suzanne & me and we appreciate it.”
Marc & Suzanne
Studio 4 Fitness Exercises Area